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Dental Anesthesiology Report

In March of this year, I inherited from our immediate past program director Dr. Steven Nguyen, a very well run Anesthesiology Residency program. Amongst other activities, Dr. Nguyen is now concentrating on the anesthesiology practice in his Dental Surgical Center located in Medina, Ohio and as both his program director predecessors (Drs. Joel Weaver & Steven Ganzberg) had done, has become president elect of the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists. We as individual practicing anesthesiologists and our national organization the ASDA, are very fortunate to have Dr. Nguyen in its leadership. I would like to thank him for his work here and wish him every success in both his practice and political pursuits.

This year our anesthesiology program will see the graduation of Drs. Jean O’Banion & Zachary Van Hilsen who, at the completion of their 27-month residency this September, will quite possibly make the move not to move and begin their practicing careers as anesthesiologists here in Columbus, Ohio. I feel secure knowing that each, in their own and very differing ways, will bring the art and science of anesthesiology to the full-scope of dental/maxillofacial practice and maintain the high and progressive standard of care that we aim to achieve with this residency program.

Jean O’Banion – resident, mother, wife, has been, for the last few months, battling a very persistent infection of the hand requiring a number of operations. Despite this she has continued to bring to patient care that for which she is now quite famous for, her charm and kindness which in our operating rooms is quite unbecoming of one usually armed with paralytics and 16 gauge 3” needles.

Zach – resident and lover of life has, since he got here, helped us cope with his phenomenal abundance of energy. I was under the impression that I faced the average day quite positively and willing to embrace learning and patient care. Compared to this chap, I fear I appear truly middle-aged and mildly depressed. He too has brought a unique level of care to our clinics and in particular to the pediatric patient.

I am proud of them both, hope they stay in touch, and I (we) wish them every success.

Drs. Marks and Gushue enter the second year of their residency. Initially this sees them continuing their completion of off-site rotations but during their last 9 months then focusing on out-patient care both at the College of Dentistry and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They have both performed very well as they have moved through their program and we look forward to their return to the College later this year.

Finally, I wish to welcome our two new residents: Drs. Natalie Alsup & James DiFranco.

Natalie comes to us from the famous Flathead County in Kalispell, Montana, only a stone’s throw from the magnificent Glacier National Park. It is here where she began her habit of winning many academic awards. Her university education began, with a small ‘geographic’ letdown, here at The Ohio State Uni- versity where she completed her primary degree in microbiology, graduating with honors. Natalie now arrives at the doors of our program with a DMD in hand from ‘the’ Boston University, the place from which at least two of our previous residents have also graduated. This is one very bright and enthusiastic dental surgeon who we are proud to present to you as one of our residents for this year’s residency in anesthesiology.

James, apparently impressed by Ohio’s weather and realizing that 4 years of academic stimulation here at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry wasn’t all that there was to be extracted from our institution, has accepted our other resident position. He too has excelled during his educational history, receiving a number of awards including the Dr. Rudy Melfi Research fellowship and continues to pursue his interest in research here at the College of Dentistry. I believe he is the first dental student to have joined the College of Medicine’s Anesthesia Interest Group and since this time has spent many hours working alongside residents and professors in the anesthesiology department establishing a secure foundation from which to begin his residency. Completing our entry for 2014, we are also proud to introduce to you James DiFranco.

With a seemingly insatiable desire to learn and particularly in the field of anesthesiology, both Natalie and James possess an admirable work ethic, intelligence and discipline and we are all looking forward to working with them towards their future.

On a final note, next year sees our first intake for the 3-year anesthesiology residency prescribed by CODA from 2015. This is a very exciting and significant change that expands the educational opportunity for our residents significantly and a change in which both Natalie and James will play a pivotal role.

Dr. Simon Prior